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Connection is the medicine.

Now, more than ever, it's time to come together to heal our suffering and support each other on our journeys.
Our world needs
your light.

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You Were Born to Shine

It's time to rise, reclaim your power, and actualize your gifts. 


Immediate Support
when you need instant relief & a new perspective

Deep Exploration 
when you're ready to heal your pain & live the life you desire

We offer immediate support by phone, direct messaging,

and in community  7 days a week.

Book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call to see how we can best meet your needs.

Colorful Flowers

Are you ready to shed the shackles that prevent you from doing what you're here to do? 
Our mission is to propel yours. 

Work With Us

In our sacred space together, enjoy the felt sense of being heard, held, seen, and understood 


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Join us for a life-changing course to break free from cycles of suffering and reclaim your sovereignty and empowered brilliance.
You were born to shine.


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 Join our exclusive online membership service to receive daily, 1:1 direct messaging 
whenever you need connection, relief, coaching, or support.


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Call us when you need instant relief for any reason. We offer immediate support through 1:1 phone sessions and daily messaging as well as complete metamorphosis through deep exploration.


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Join us for a rich array of opportunities to remember
who you are, why you came, and how to thrive while deeply connected to your truth.


Private Sessions
"I called when I felt like I was drowning at work. I was supported with such warm presence that it melted my anxiety. It was such a powerful experience to begin the call so overwhelmed, and by the end, to feel so fully heard, relieved, and ready for anything."

Charity B., client


​We are Personal Development and Regenerative Coaches selected for our unique set of skills, expertise, and depth of experience. We specialize in facilitating integration. Together, we have worked with thousands of beautiful souls, helping them reconnect to their bodies, cultivate inner safety, and step into their confidence and authentic expression. As somatically-focused practitioners and alchemical guides, we offer you our powerful energetic support and presence so you can re-connect with your truth, and live with greater clarity, joy, freedom, and flow. 

Think of us as listening ninjas – alchemists who can help you 
transmute life's challenges into gold. 

Listening is our

Listening is our (4).png

Download Your Free Copy of our E-Booklet 11 Highly Effective Ways to Soothe Upset, Overwhelm, and Anxiety.

Calm Lake

At Backpocket Confidante,
we welcome all of you.

What if you didn't have to work so hard to feel safe, seen, and heard?
What if your desires were met, and you felt anchored in your power and authenticity?

Pain can be the portal to your highest potential. That's why we welcome the emotions and feelings you'd rather not show the world. With us, you can feel safe enough to share your stories and experiences without judgment, misunderstanding, or fear of repercussion. 

Whether you need help with a personal or professional issue, or you seek to improve your life, or birth a new you, we're here, and we've got your back.

Read more about us here, and explore the benefits of this work here

Curious to Learn More?

Book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call to see how we can best meet your needs.

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